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Ken Roczen ha dejado claro en sus redes sociales que quiere volver y hacerlo con fuerza. En el texto que ha escrito en su cuenta de Instagram asegura estar “listo para el mayor desafío al que le ha enfrentado la vida”, a la vez que dice con garra que “voy a volver a ganar de nuevo y a estar en la forma que lo estaba antes….”. Asimismo, subraya que “mi mentalidad es fuerte y estoy poniendo todo mi corazón y cabeza en regresar”. Puedes leer lo que ha escrito el alemán de Honda aquí:


I am so ready for the biggest challenge I have ever had to face in my life. You can call me cocky all you want; you can be with me or against me. Believing that I am the best and working to be the best has nothing to do with being cocky. It’s easy to point fingers from the outside once somebody has had a crash and say waahhh he rides over his head and all that bs! I have never, ever underestimated another rider. I am always staying sharp and I always prepare myself for anything. No matter if I win by 16 seconds in Anaheim, I have never gone to the next race thinking it was going to be easy. Because it never is and it never will be. I will always go for the W when I know I can. I will also settle if I know it isn’t going to happen that night but, you can’t blame me for trying. I can tell you one thing. I WILL win again and I WILL be back to my old form and I am not going to be surprised. I have the same mentality now as I had before my crash. My personality is strong and I am putting my heart, my head, and everything I have into it. @honda_powersports_us @redbull @motoxlab @foxracing @stancesocks @breitling Rock N Roll my friends ???

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