MXGP and Monster Energy extend alliance

MXoN 2023 Ernee, France Rider: Renaux_France

 Infront Moto Racing and Monster Energy are thrilled to announce the renewal of their strong partnership for another multiyear term. 

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The continuation of the MXGP series’ alliance with its most engaging partner marks a significant milestone, solidifying the shared commitment to shaping the future of motocross. Monster Energy remains the primary sponsor of MXGP and retains its status as the Title Sponsor of the prestigious Motocross of Nations event.

The world of MXGP has never been in better shape, with the pinnacle of each season being the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations, recognized as the most important annual competition for elite motocross in the world. The event’s popularity is nothing short of extraordinary, and Monster Energy has played an instrumental role in its immense success, as demonstrated by the incredible turnout of 102,000 enthusiasts at the last Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations in Ernée, France.

Since 2011, the successful partnership between Monster Energy with MXGP grew from strength to strength with both partners deeply passionate about motocross and its success in every continent. 

Thanks also to this mutual effort Infront Moto Racing can continue its relentless mission to further broaden MXGP leadership in the motocross scene around the world.

This long-term partnership extension firmly reinstates Monster Energy as the leading and most influential brand in the FIM Motocross World Championship, a presence that spans from the racetracks to the MXGP Paddock and the starting gates, as well as their significant support to MXGP Teams.

Infront Moto Racing CEO David LuongoWe are very proud to announce the renewal of our partnership with Monster Energy. On top of being the most exciting and active brand in the world of Motorsports, Monster Energy has also been a very strong partner in the most difficult and challenging times we had to experience, especially during the two years of COVID. We are sharing the same vision of raising the MXGP World Championship to be a global sport and to reach new territories together. I would like to thank Mitch Covington and Dave Gowland for their great collaboration. It is now more than a decade that we work together, and it is always a pleasure to share the same vision of making Motocross bigger and more popular season after season.”

“Motocross is who we are,” says David Gowland, Monster Energy Senior Vice President of Motorsports. “Right from the company’s beginning, the sport of motocross has played a significant role in the trajectory of Monster Energy and that will now continue with the extension and fortification of Monster Energy’s role as the primary sponsor of MXGP, as well as the title sponsor of the storied Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations. The history and heritage of MXGP and the Motocross World Championship make it one of the premiere and elite forms of motorsport over the world and Monster Energy stands proud with MXGP and the fans that crowd Grand Prix tracks over the world on any given Sunday.”

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