World Supercross Championship 2023 – Team Guide

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No more rumors, no more team announcements and no more room in the WSX 2023 Supercross series as the 10 official teams have already announced their full respective line-ups for the second season.

The WSX Championship has a unique model in Supercross with 10 exclusive team licenses with 2 riders per class. This year the teams remain the same as last year but with new additions in each class.

Every single team announced their respective line-ups during these days, and finally, the last names came in the form of Josh Hill, Aaron Tanti, Kevin Moranz, Hunter Yoder and Cullin Park, who filled the latest slots available to race under “official” terms. However, there will be some Wildcard entrances in each WSXGP. The season will start on July 1st in Birmingham, England.

Let`s take a close look at the teams and riders.


Led by Dustin Pipes, the Pipes Motorsport Group operates and runs one of the most successful private teams in the supercross paddock. Known for fostering and harnessing talent, PMG will look to build on their current profile, and take their supercross operation to the global stage.

PMG Pipes Motorsport Suzuki Image: WSX

This year the team has the reigning WSX champ under their tent, Ken Roczen. The German doesn`t need any presentations as he is a superstar in the sport. But, just in case, Roczen won the 2011 MX2 World Championship before moving to the USA, where he would collect an array of titles, in particular the 250SX West Coast title in 2013. Then in 2014, he won his 450SX race on his debut in the class. Most recently Roczen was crowned the 2022 King of Paris Supercross. He also signed a three-year deal with SX Global.

Image: Red Bull

Roczen’s teammate is veteran Kyle Chisholm. With a 19-year of career under his belt, Chisholm is considered one of the most established supercross riders in the world, Chiz’ has notched multiple top-five rides indoors and out, on 250cc and 450cc machinery, and has been part of some of the most decorated teams. Like Roczen, Chisholm was also named King of Bercy (now Paris) Supercross back in 2011.

For the SX2 class, the team brought two new incomer talents in the form of Cullin Park and Hunter Yoder who will compete in the WSX Championship for the first time.

Cullin Park has risen quickly through the ranks to establish himself as a formidable force in the world of Supercross. He won the “2022 AMA 250SX Rookie of the Year”. In 2023 he collected seven top-10 finishes in the AMA 250 class, and also a couple of wins in the Arenacross series.

As for Yoder, he turned pro in 2022 after a successful career in the amateur ranks. His drive for success propelled him through the ranks, and he soon caught the eye of professional teams.


Ken Roczen #1WSXGermanySuzuki
Kyle Chisholm #11WSXUSASuzuki
Hunter Yoder #58SX2USASuzuki
Cullin Park #67SX2USASuzuki


A mainstay on the NASCAR circuit, former driver Rick Ware runs the Rick Ware Racing (RWR) Team with extensive experience in the world of motorsports. Boasting more than 1,000 starts in multiple premier auto racing series around the world, RWR currently competes in the NASCAR Cup Series, IndyCar Series and IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Series. Ware is also a veteran of motocross and supercross, having owned and managed supercross teams in the late 2000s. RWR is also one of the few teams to run more than one brand into the structure, as the WSX rider will be riding for Kawasaki and the SX2 class for Yamaha.

Joey Savatgy – Image: WSX

Last year, the team collected the World Supercross title in the SX2 class with Shane McElrath and the runner-up position in the premier class with Joey Savatgy.

Joey Savatgy has been in the mix atop the sport since his debut in 2013, notching a collection of race wins along with a string of top five finishes in the 450cc Class. Savatgy finished 2nd overall in the WSX premier class and returns to the Rick Ware Racing squad in 2023 to try and go one better and claim the World Title.

Shane McElrath – Image: WSX

Joining the World Supercross Championship for the first time in 2023, Colt Nichols stands as one of the title contenders. Back in 2021, Nichols claimed the West Coast title in the AMA series and this year he was named Rookie of the Year in the 450SX class.

The Rick Ware Racing SX2 lineup features current champion Shane McElrath. Known for his ‘no quit’ attitude, McElrath enters returns to the WSX Championship in 2023 to defend his World Title. On the other hand, Henry Miller will line up again on a Rick Ware Racing tuned YZ250F looking for success.


Joey Savatgy #17WSXUSAKawasaki
Colt Nichols #45WSXUSAKawasaki
Shane McElrath #1SX2USAYamaha
Henry Miller #45SX2USAYamaha


Built on a legacy of supercross success, Yarrive Konsky has led the Honda organisation to multiple supercross championships and podium results worldwide. Konsky will field the Fire Power Honda Racing Team program in the FIM World Supercross Championship, and look to add a world championship to the resume.

Image: WSX

This year the team has a strong lineup with the addition of American Justin Bryton joining them. Brayton is a familiar face on the team. He rode for Honda Fire Power Honda back in 2021 and most recently in the Supercross of Paris where he ended third overall. Alongside to Brayton, popular Dean Wilson entering his second season with the team. Wilson has been a part of some of the most established teams in the pits, and for the WSX Championship, returns to Yarrive Konsky led Fire Power Honda Racing team in the WSX Class.

Justin Brayton – Image: WSX

As for the SX2 class, the FirePower Honda team has runner-up finisher Max Anstie. The brit achieved success in both Europe and the United States, landing overall podiums and wins across the pond. Anstie finished runner-up in the SX2 class in the 2022 World Supercross Championship, but after a hugely successful season in the US, will be looking to go one step higher on the podium this season.

Meanwhle, Gage Linville will jump onbord into the World stages for the first time in his career after severals years as a privateer in the USA.


Justin Brayton #10WSXUSAHonda
Dean Wilson #15WSXScottlandHonda
Gage Linville #40SX2USAHonda
Max Anstie #99SX2EnglandHonda


Originating as an elite supercross training facility, ClubMX now boasts one of the most successful privately run supercross programmes in the world, and enters the World Supercross Championship as the ClubMX FXR Team with a great group of riders ready to kick the WSX 2023 season.

Moss’ career resume features an array of accolades that spans Australia and the United States. A nine-time Australian Champion, Moss showcases all the attributes necessary to become a World Champion – from desire, determination, and experience.

Image: WSX

Coming into the 2023 WSX Championship as a rookie 450 rider, Luke Neese would be Moss teammate in the WSX premier class. Neese’s journey in Supercross started in his early teens when he displayed exceptional skills and an innate ability to handle the bike with finesse. While he’s spent much of his career competing in the highly demanding 250cc class, he’ll step up to the WSX 450cc class when he races in the World Supercross Championship for the first time in 2023.

In the SX2 class, Brazilian Enzo Lopes will face his first-ever WSX campaign after withdrawing from World Supercross Championship in 2022 due to injury. Lopes teammate would be Canadian Cole Thompson.


Matt Moss #16WSXAustraliaYamaha
Luke Neese #TBCWSXUSAYamaha
Enzo Lopes #56SX2BrazilYamaha
Cole Thompson #125SX2CanadaYamaha


As one of the most decorated private supercross teams in the world, the MotoConcepts Honda Team, operating out of the United States, enters the World Supercross Championship with a wealth of supercross experience and will look for their all-star line-up to make a splash in the Championship from the outset.

Last year’s title contender and third overall championship Vince Friese is back on the team. Friese is well-known as one of the more aggressive riders on the circuit, the desire for success is never in question when it comes to Vince Friese. Meanwhile, Cole Seely returns to WSX racing in 2023 with the MotoConcepts Racing squad but will step up to the WSX premier class.

Vince Friese – Image: WSX

Having demonstrated his supercross ability throughout a career that has spanned the best part of a decade, Mitchell Oldenburg is ready to kick his second SX2 season under Tony Alessi’s command. Also lining up at the gates in the SX2 class with Motoconcepts is veteran Mike Alessi. Known as ‘Mr. Holeshot’, Alessi will bring a wealth of supercross racing experience and knowledge to the Championship as he fights for victory.


Vince Friese #3WSXUSAHonda
Cole Seely #14WSXUSAHonda
Mitchell Oldenburg #7SX2USAHonda
Mike Alessi #800SX2USAHonda


As a storied organization in the European paddock, the Bud Racing Kawasaki team has a strong lineage in scouting and developing some of the world’s greatest supercross talent. Known for names such as Ferrandis and Musquin, team principal Stephen Dasse has a keen eye for supercross talent, and for the WSX Championship, has enlisted some of the fastest athletes worldwide.

Image: WSX

The team secret weapon was the signing of Justin Hill for the WSX class. He joined the Pro ranks in 2013 after following in the footsteps of his older brother and professional supercross rider, Josh Hill. A naturally gifted rider, Justin is set to make World Supercross Championship headlines in 2023.

On the other hand, BUD Racing will continue one more season with French talent Cedric Soubeyras. Soubeyras sits well within the French alumni who have competed at a high level all across the globe. Achieving success in the US, UK, and his home country, the Entraigues Sur native will be more than ready to bang bars with the best in the WSX Championship, lining up for the French-based BUD Racing Team.

Adrien Escoffier – Image: WSX

Speaking of French talents, the SX2 lineup has two of the most experienced supercross riders, we refer to Adrien Escoffier and Anthony Bourdon. Escoffier is a two-time French supercross champion and will make the switch to the SX2 250 class in 2023 while Bourdon is a national champ too and a strong contender.


Justin Hill #46WSXUSAKawasaki
Cedric Soubeyras #85WSXFranceKawasaki
Adrien Escoffier #137SX2FranceKawasaki
Anthony Bourdon #943SX2FranceKawasaki


As one of the longest-standing off-road racing teams in the world, the CDR Yamaha team, led by Craig Dack, is known for one thing – winning. With a staggering 39 national championships under their belt, the Dack-led operation will enter the FIM World Supercross Championship with a wealth of experience and will look to draw on that to propel them towards World Championship glory.

Image: WSX

The team brought back Josh Hill to the team as the main WSX rider. Hill grew up in Oregon to his father building some of the more peculiar supercross circuits seen in the world on their property. It’s no surprise that the American is known for riding everything – and well. Having raced for Craig Dack Racing in 2022, he returns to World Supercross racing for another shot at claiming the World Title Crown. Hill also won the Rookie of the Year 450 trophy for his excellent campaign back in 2008.

Compiting alongisde Hill in the premier class, CDR Yamaha trust on Grant Harlan. A promising supercross talent, American Grant Harlan has already landed a strong collection of results since his debut into supercross competition in 2020. The Texan has notched an array of top five and ten place positions in the American supercross series and is looking forward to a huge World Supercross Championship season.

Josh Hill – Image: WSX

A great and fast pair of Aussies will take place in the SX2 class for CDR Yamaha: Aaron Tanti and Luke Clout. Tanti will return to the World Supercross competition and Craig Dack Racing in 2023. After just missing the podium in 2022, Tanti has his sights set on World Championship glory as he goes up against the best in the sport. Clout moved over to the US at sixteen years’ old and built a name for himself on the American circuit by virtue. Having competed in the WSX 450 big bore class in 2022, Clout returns to World Supercross racing in 2023, but this time in the SX2 250 class where he’ll be fighting to be crowned World Champion.


Josh Hill #75WSXUSAYamaha
Grant Harlan #76WSXUSAYamaha
Luke Clout #4SX2AustraliaYamaha
Aaron Tanti #9SX2AustraliaYamaha


After an eight-year journey at Team Honda Racing Corporation MXGP, Fabio Derin steps up to Team Manager at the Italian-based Honda NILS World Supercross Team in 2023. For this season Honda NILS presents a great group of riders with former World MX2 Champion Jordi Tixier alongside three experienced Americans in supercross.

As the 2014 World Motocross MX2 Champion, Frenchman Jordi Tixier is no stranger to World Championship success. The now 30-year-old from Etampes, France, has also shown the technical ability to compete alongside the best supercrossers in the world, with strong results at the Paris/Bercy exhibition race throughout the years.

Jordi Tixier – Image: WSX

Kevin Moranz will be debuting in the WSX series as the second Honda NILS rider. Despite limited resources and opportunities compared to some of his competitors, Moranz burst onto the professional supercross scene in 2019 and impressed from the outset. He’ll take his place at the WSX Championship starting gate for the first time in 2023.

In the SX2 class both riders are considering title contenders as Chris Blose and Kyle Peters has plenty of experience on 250cc bikes and in indoors type races as well. Both have multiple years of Supercross and Arenacross with several seasons under their belts.


Kevin Moranz #80WSXUSAHonda
Jordi Tixier #911WSXFranceHonda
Chris Blose #3SX2USAHonda
Kyle Peters #110SX2USAHonda


A mainstay in European supercross and motocross competition, the GSM Yamaha team lead by Serge Guidetty will now take their operation to the main stage, and look to secure World Championship glory!

Frenchman Thomas Ramette will again fly the flag for the GSM Yamaha team in the WSX class. Having raced overseas previously, the experienced racer will look to draw on his previous exploits as multi-time SX1 champion in France and United Kinngdom. Countryman Greg Aranda have multiple motocross and supercross race championship wins to his name, he’ll be out to continue adding to his win count as Ramette teammate in the WSX class.

Image: WSX

Returning to the GSM Yamaha team is the 2021 French MX1 and SX1 Champion, Maxime Desprey. But this time the Frenchman will be competing in the SX2 class alongside the multi-time Arenacross champion Jace Owen.


Thomas Ramette #6WSXFranceYamaha
Greg Aranda #20WSXFranceYamaha
Maxime Desprey #141SX2FranceYamaha
Jace Owen #401SX2USAYamaha


The team had a strong lineup mix of experience and young talent in both WSX and SX2. In the main class, Cade Clason has been a supercross mainstay since 2013, reaching his first top 450SX top 10 last year. On the other hand, Venezuelan Anthony Rodriguez has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of supercross earning a reputation for his natural talent, speed and agility. His achievements include top rankings and podium finishes in various championships. Off-track, he has become a role model for aspiring riders worldwide.

Anthony Rodriguez – Image: MDK

Similar story for the SX2 riders with Max Miller and Justin Bogle. Miller has become a rising star in the world of Supercross thanks to his natural talent and will go head-to-head with the best riders in the sport as he competes in the WSX Championship for the first time. Meanwhile, Bogle has demonstrated immense supercross prowess and earned himself the 2014 East Coast 250cc Supercross Championship title. He returns to the World Supercross Championship for MDK Motorsports and will again battle it out for SX2 supremacy.


Anthony Rodriguez #7WSXVenezuelaKTM
Cade Clason #68WSXUSAKTM
Justin Bogle #19SX2USAKTM
Max Miller #604SX2USAKMT

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