CEAT Indian Supercross League: Matt Moss & Reid Taylor champs!


The CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) concluded its inaugural season with a breathtaking Grand Finale held in Bangalore. In an exhilarating display of skill and determination, the home team, BigRock Motorsport emerged victorious, securing their place as the champions of the inaugural CEAT ISRL season.

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The team dominated the Grand Finale, replicating their outstanding performances from earlier races. Star athlete Matt Moss, riding the Kawasaki, clinched the first place in the 450cc international race, solidifying his position as a true Supercross champion. The 250cc international race was once again led by the formidable Reid Taylor of BigRock Motorsports showcased his prowess on the track. 

As the inaugural season concludes, the CEAT ISRL looks forward to building on this success, continuing to provide a safe and competitive platform for riders of all ages and skill levels. The league remains dedicated to promoting youth development and environmental sustainability, embodying the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence.

Top 10 Standings SX1 International

1Matt MossBigRock Motorsport101
2Jordi TixierBB Racing95
3Thomas RametteReise Motosports89
4Paul HaberlandMohite Racing65
5Lorenzo CamporeseSG Speed65
6Nico KochReise Motorsorts59
7Charles LeFrançoisMohite Racing59
8Tyler BowersGuajart Trailbrazers54
9Cedric SoubeyrasBigRock Motorsport32
10Anthony RaynardGuajart Trailbrazers32

Top 10 Standings SX2 International

1Reid TaylorBigRock Motorsport110
2Hugo ManzatoSG Speed 95
3Enzo PoliasGuajart Trailbrazers80
4Mickael LamarqueBB Racing65
5Julien LebeauMohites Racing64
6Clement BriatteGuajart Trailbrazers60
7Brendan SippleReise Motosports47
8Maximilian WernerMohites Racing45
9Caleb GoulletBigRock Motorsport44
10Alex LasherasReise Motosports33

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