Wilson Todd hospitalized after undergoing surgery – Injury update

MX1 Qualifying at Rd 2 2024 ProMX Championship, Horsham,Victoria.
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Camera: Canon Canon EOS R3
Lens: RF100-300mm F2.8 L IS USM
f 2.8
1/1600 sec
ISO 800
Credit: Marc Jones/Foremost Media
Date: 7 April 2024

Terrafirma Honda rider Wilson Todd suffered a burn incident while training that required skin surgery. Now his MX1 rookie campaign is in doubt for the remainder of the season as the recovery time it´s unclear.

“Had a tip-over the other day training. Front tyre went over the little rut, dabbing my leg and pulling me off the back of the bike, letting it go – common sort of crash. As I was falling it pulled the throttle on wide open and stuck on in the dirt. As I’ve let it go and fell back, my leg got pulled in and trapped between the exhaust and rear wheel. Unable to get out because the spinning tyre was pulling me in, ended up with full thickness friction burn through the back of my knee. Had surgery and skin graphs today and on the mend. I’m not sure what kind of recovery time this will require, I just have to thank my sponsors/family for sticking by me through this.”

After four MX2 titles, Wilson´s MX1 rookie season kicked off with pretty solid results as he sits fifth in the standings after two rounds.

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