The RED BULL KTM FACTORY RACING TEAM will soon be decimating start gates and chronometers for the upcoming AMA Supercross season thanks to the new 2024 KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION and the return of the 2024 KTM 250 SX-F FACTORY EDITION.

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Any rider can now get their hands on the latest iteration of the bike that blurs action on the track and the lines between factory and production equipment.

The KTM SX-F FACTORY EDITION concept remains the same: a highly evolved and modified spec of the current production model orientated towards pure performance. The upgrades have been tried, tested and selected through use in competition. KTM knows that READY TO RACE is more than just hot numbers from the dyno or lap timer. The KTM SX-F FACTORY EDITION models have distinction and style, and that’s why aesthetics is important. As an example, a KTM SX-F FACTORY EDITION can always be easily identified thanks to the powder-coated orange frame, usually a feature only reserved for our ‘works’ machinery. 

What do the new KTM 450 SX-F FACTORY EDITION and KTM 250 SX-F FACTORY EDITION have in store? First of all, don’t neglect the very special chassis. This philosophy remains strong as RED BULL KTM FACTORY RACING continues to win races and set records at the highest levels. With this in mind, the 2024 FACTORY EDITION chassis offers optimized flex characteristics for improved cornering and comfort. Other handling alterations for both bikes include the CNC-milled orange anodized and rubber damped triple clamps. Made from high-grade aluminum, these boast carefully tuned steering stem stiffness, perfect alignment of the fork tubes, and precise geometry of the fork clamps to ensure highly responsive and smooth fork action – not to mention unwavering stability when charging across ruts. 

The Connectivity Unit Offroad is an important new addition. This two-part system is mounted between the right fork leg (protected by the new shape of the number plate) and the GPS component on the redesigned front fender. The ‘CUO’ enables a wealth of easily adjustable options for engine behavior and suspension settings via the KTMconnect App. But that’s not all. An official affiliation with LitPro will empower riders to examine their lines, speed, gearing and a lot of other information to make their lap times hit the mark. 

Feeling and function are improved even more by other 2024 KTM SX-F FACTORY EDITION specifications. Fully adjustable and tool-free WP Suspension lets you count on 310 mm of travel with the 48 mm air-type WP XACT front fork with redesigned protection rings. The WP FACTORY START DEVICE will help with those crucial holeshots. The shock has new low-friction linkage seals and the 2024 KTM SX-F FACTORY EDITION linkage settings have been reworked for optimal weight saving and stiffness. The linkage bolt is smaller and lighter, transferred directly from successful use by the RED BULL KTM FACTORY RACING TEAM. 

The engine output of the 2024 KTM SX-F FACTORY EDITION models is boosted further by a titanium Akrapovic slip-on exhaust that shaves weight and finesses power, while the unit breathes better with an updated air intake sleeve and snorkel and a white vented airbox cover (black for the 250) for the Twin Air filter. 

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