SX Goes 2024: Perfect score for Cedric Soubeyras

39. ADAC Supercross Dortmund 2024 (2024-01-12): #85 SX1 Soubeyras, Cedric (FRA) Kawasaki Elf Team Pfeil - Kawasaki. Foto: Jan Brucke/ADAC Supercross Dortmund

The 30th edition of the SX of Goes (Netherlands) saw a dominant performance by Cedric Soubeyras. The new King of Dortmund swept both nights of racing by winning every single race on his van der Vegt Motors Kawasaki. In the SX2 class was another Frenchman who topped the podium, Calvin Fonveille.

Different race formats were held on both nights. Friday night in the SX1 class was a two-moto format while the SX2 class had the traditional supercross format with one Main Event before the riders qualified through heat races and LCQ. However, night 2 extended the races to three in the SX1 class plus one SuperFinal against the best SX2 riders.

On Friday, Cedric Soubeyras managed to take both motos en route to the overall followed by countrymen Charles LeFrançois (3-2) and Sweden Anton Nordstrom (2-4). Meanwhile, in the SX2 class three Frenchman swept the podium with Calvin Fonveille on top followed by Yannis Irsuti and Julien Lebeau.

It was a similar story on Saturday, with Soubeyras winning the overall via 1-1-1 over Charles LeFrançois (2-2-2) and Anton Nordstrom (4-3-3). And then in the SuperFinal, Soubeyras once again storms the field over Paul Haaberland and Calvin Fonvieille as the best SX2 rider.

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