Serco Race Team closes its doors following Yamaha’s departure

serco yamaha team

After 22 years of racing at the highest level in Australia, the Queensland-based team will close the doors after the last 2 rounds of the Australian Supercross series.

Serco Racing Team was introduced in 2001 and since then has aligned with Yamaha Motor Australia. Together collected multiple titles alongside Cameron Taylor, Jake Moss, Brenden Harrison, Luke Styke, Luke Clout, Jackson Richardson, and Wilson Todd. However, both the team and Yamaha’s relationship will come to an end, as New Castle (November 11th) and Melbourne (November 24th) will be the last two rounds for the team and the Australian Supercross series as well.

It is public knowledge that the decision came due to the budget trimmings from Yamaha Motor Australia which is unable to continue supporting the team.

On the other hand, Serco Race Team has a last chance to end its successful career on a high note as Canadian Cole Thompson sits 4th in the SX2 standings with championship points tripling this weekend in the Triple Crown format held in New Castle, round 2 and penultimate of the series.

Read the full statement from Serco:

“In 2001, Serco Yamaha began what would become 22 years of multiple race wins, nine championships, and many other accolades,” a statement from the Serco Yamaha team announced. “In the process, we became one of the most successful 250 race teams in Australia. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Due to budget cuts with Yamaha Australia, we are saddened to announce that the final two rounds of the Australian Supercross Championship will be the last for the Serco Yamaha race team, ending the 22 years of Serco Yamaha racing.”

“We are honoured to have worked with a wide variety of incredible riders and are thankful to have played a part in their career on their path to becoming Australia’s best over the last 22 years. We want to take this time to thank all our riders, staff members, sponsors and, of course, all our loyal fans for the years of support.”

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