RUMOR: Antonio Cairoli joins Ducati Motocross Project

ducati mx

According to several sources, the nine-time Motocross World Champion will be one of the key figures in the Italian brand’s new project.

This is not the first time that Ducati has been linked with motocross. However this time there seems to be a solid basis to start believing that very soon we will have a Ducati behind a starting gate at a Motocross World Grand Prix.

After Alessandro Lupino announced his retire from MXGP, there are a lot rumors that he will be the new test rider for Ducati. But as if this were not enough, in the last few hours, through the paddock of the Ernée track, where the Motocross of Nations will be held this weekend, a strong rumor has started that points to Antonio Cairoli as a possible developer of the new Ducati off-road model. It sounds a bit unrealistic, although among the comments some claim that the Sicilian was spotted at the brand’s facilities.

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