Race format from Adelaide opening round of 2023 Australian Supercross

tanti ausx

The season opener of the Australian Supercross Championship will take place on October 7th in Adelaide. The race will be a Triple Crown format with three Main Events per class, but with some significant changes in the qualifying system through the finals.

However, rounds 2 in Newcastle on November 11th and 3 in Melbourne on November 24 will undergo the classic system with two heats per class and one Main Event. Justin Brayton (SX1) and Max Anstie (SX2) both from FirePower Honda, will be the defending champions.



  • Timed qualifying during the day to determine the top 30
  • Top 30 proceed to heat races


  • Heats races are determined by the qualifying times, with the fastest rider to heat one, second fastest to heat two and third fastest to heat three. It will continue from there.
  • Three heats of ten riders each.
  • Top 2 from each heat transfer to the final
  • 3rd to 5th from each heat transfer to the LCQ
  • 6th to 10th place from each heat are eliminated and score points from 16th to 20th.


  • Nine riders in the LCQ
  • Top four transfer to the Finals
  • 5th to 9th score points from 11th to 15th for the event


  • Ten riders in each final
  • Riders score points & prize money based on their result in the final

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