Pro Hexis Supercross 2024: Soubeyras and Fonvieille on top

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The French Supercross season kicked off on Saturday, June 29 with the Pro Hexis Supercross in Chateanau Les Martigues before the start of the SX Tour Championship at Saint-Thibery on July 13th.

It was a three-race format for the SX1 and SX2 class. In SX1, Kawasaki´s Cedric Soubeyras topped the first two races and then finished 3rd in the last one to secure the overall win for his fourth-straight Pro Hexis win since the 2018 edition.

GMS Yamaha´s Greg Aranda (2-2-1) and Bud Racing Kawasaki´s Anthony Bourdon (3-3-3) filled the podium.

The Stark Future squead make his appareance with a three-rider lineup. Spaniard Jorge Zaragoza was the best of the team with a 5th overall (6-4-5).

In the SX2 class, Calvin Fonvieille took the win as he swept each race en route to his third consecutive crown. The KTM rider was followed for a solid Charles LeFrançois (2-2-2) and a regular Jules Pietre (4-5-3).


SX1 Top 10 Overall:

  1. #85 Cedric Soubeyras
  2. #20 Greg Aranda
  3. #945 Anthony Bourdon
  4. #141 Maxime Desprey
  5. #99 Jorge Zaragoza
  6. #384 Lorenzo Camporese
  7. #131 Adrien Malaval
  8. #831 Brice Maylin
  9. #6 Thomas Ramette
  10. #7 Eddie Jay Wade

SX2 Top 10 Overall:

  1. #1 Calvin Fonvieille
  2. #255 Charles LeFrançois
  3. #389 Jules Pietre
  4. #22 Mickael Lamarque
  5. #606 Killian Vincent
  6. #355 Enzo Polias
  7. #96 Carl Osterman
  8. #55 Mathis Barthez
  9. #505 Dorian Koch
  10. #194 Florian Bertin

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