Podcast: Lorenzo Resta on Why Motocross is so unique, MXGP of Riola Sardo, interviews, and more!

MXPG Serdegna 2024, Riola Sardo Rider: Prado

Our third episode of the Mx1onboard podcast also includes interviews with Brain Bogers, who came from an almost-retire situation to through the leg over the Fantic Factory bike as a fill-in rider finishing on an impressive 9th overall in Riola. Also with South African talent Camden McLellan after he grabbed his first career podium in the MX2 class. Last but not least Tim Gajser and Pauls Jonass gave their thoughts about their great performances.

During this episode, Lorenzo shares his thoughts about why Motocross is so unique sport compared to F1 or Moto GP. He also takes us through the Grand Prix of Japan during the early 2000s and the possible of new venues such as Brazil, Australia, or Slovenia.

Play and enjoy!

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