MXGP of Maggiora: Timetable updated for the WMX and EMX125 classes – Sunday

maggiora extra 24

Due to track conditions, Saturday didn´t go as planned in Maggiora for round 7th of the EMX125 and WMX World Championship.

The WMX Race 1 was red-flagged after three laps due to track conditions. No result was counted and the race was canceled. The girls will re-start the first moto Tomorrow at 8:00am from the Pit-Lane sighting lap with Daniela Guillen at front followed by Lotte van Drunen and Kiara Fontanesi. The second moto will take place at 8:50.

As for the EMX125, both motos will take place Tomorrow. The first one at 9:45 and the second one at 11:30 just after the MXGP and MX2 warm-up sessions.

WMX Race 18:00
EMX125 Race 18:50
WMX Race 29:45
EMX125 Race 211:30

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