MXGP of Lombok: Sickness spoils Lucas Coenen, Thibault Benistant and Rick Elzinga’s weekend

MXPG Lombok - Indonesia 2023, Lombok Rider: Coenen_Lucas

The eleventh round of the 2023 Motocross World Championship closed the Indonesian double-header on the beautiful island of Lombok for the MNC MXGP of Lombok – Indonesia. The dirt of the Selaparang Circuit made it hard to control the bike and made the riders employ all their skill to keep pushing while getting good lines during the whole weekend. In addition, the heat and humidity were supposed a setbacks for three top MX2 riders like Sumbawa`s winner Lucas Coenen from Nestaan Husqvarna and teammates from Monster Energy Yamaha Thibault Benistant and Rick Elzinga.

An illness meant that Lucas Coenen had to operate in damage limitation mode, however, he did well. Coenen was solid in seventh for the duration of moto one and managed to improve on that in moto two, as he crossed the chequered flag in fifth. 7-5 rankings left him in seventh in the overall classification – he occupies the same position in the championship standings.

“It was a difficult weekend with the sickness, but we salvaged what we could. It was not a terrible day at all. We learned a lot over the last two weekends. I am excited to get back to work once we land in Europe.”

At the same time, Thibault Benistant and Rick Elzinga felt the impact of battling scorching hot temperatures and high humidity while ill. Although the demanding Lombok circuit tested their resilience, the Yamaha duo managed to secure 9th and 11th overall, respectively.

Thibault Benistant: “This weekend was quite challenging. I had a really bad night on Friday and felt terrible on Saturday with stomach pain, headache and fever.Today, I had no energy. I felt completely empty and struggled through the moto. I just did my best to save points. Racing is like this. You have good days and bad. It is what it is, I will work to be back in Loket.

Rick Elzinga:“I woke up this morning with a fever and a headache, so today was just a battle of survival. I did not feel well at all. Still, I think my riding was decent, but with no energy or power to ride fast, it was very difficult. Looking at the positives, I made some progress this weekend and I got my first holeshot. My riding is getting better, even though the result doesn’t show because I was sick today, but I am happy with the positives, and I am happy I can go home safe and sound.” 

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