MXGP Album #15 coming soon!


Since fifteen years now, Motocross GP Album is the annual reference book of the Motocross World Championships, and for sure the 2023 annual will become a ‘collector’ as the fourteenth previous ones.

All season long the staff of MXGP Album, reinforced thanks to Ray Archer and Lorenzo Resta who joined Stanley Leroux and Pascal Haudiquert, visited the 19 Grand Prix all over the world and didn’t miss any action of this nice season, who ended in October with an exceptional Motocross of Nations.

You will live again this great season with the 2023 World Champions Andrea Adamo and Jorge Prado, but also the incredible MXoN, the fourth title of Courtney Duncan and the European titles of Andrea Bonacorsi and Janis Martins Reisulis. Our staff didn’t miss anything!

All along the 192 pages you will travel with us from GP to GP, but we will also invite you in the rich history of our sport. Twenty years ago Stefan Everts did an incredible performance when he won the same day at Ernée three Grand Prix to end the season with 72 GP wins.

We’ll also do a ‘flash back’ with the Lawrence brothers, who came from Australia in 2016 and raced three seasons in Europe before flying to the US where they won everything this season!

As usual you can pre order the book with two different cover pages, Standard or Limited.

MXGP Album becomes an even more collector book; to be sure to have one, you have to order it in advance

and not later than Sunday 5th of November on our website (, and you will receive the book on its release early in December.

If you don’t pre order it, we can’t guarantee that MXGP Album will remain available after this date.

We decided to produce the right quantity from the start, as it help us minimize the price increase in materials.

To overcome this exceptional situation, we had to make choices while keeping the product itself unchanged.

So we got creative and found this solution of pre order which is a great way to preserve our DNA: uncompromising quality, without advertising.

So don’t hesitate to order now MXGP Album 2023, and share this information around you! And thanks for your confidence since 15 years now!

About MXGP Album 

Since 15 years now, MXGP Album offer you pictures and quotes about the GP season and the Motocross of Nations all along its 192 pages. Apart from action pictures, this nice book with a hard book cover and a dust jacket  invite you in the atmosphere and the emotion of the Grands Prix all over the world.

Exclusive pictures, selected quotes from the riders, the annual book of the World Championship is back to you after an exciting season.

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