Mini O´s 2023 Supercross Titles wrapped up


The 52nd edition of the Mini O’s in Gatorback, Florida, started on Sunday with free practice and after three days of pure SX competition, we already have the new champions crowned in the main classes which gives points for the Road to Supercross program. So far, Krystian Janik, Avery Long, and Lotte Van Drunen wrapped their titles in their respective divisions. Today riders will move to the motocross track for another three days of action.

Photos: @Felixlandaburu_films

In the 250 A class, Team Green Kawasaki´s Krystian Janik won the Main Event over Avery Long and Noah Smerdon. Meanwhile, heat winner Drew Adams went 10th after a fall early on.

Image: Felix Landaburu

Avery Long from Yamaha Factory NSA Amateur was the man to beat in the Pro classes as he grabbed the 250 and the 450 Pro divisions Main Events. In the 250 Pro Sport class, Avery Long topped Team Green Kawasaki´s duo Drew Adams and Kyrstian Jalik. Then in the 450 Pro Sport Main Event, Long was again the winner but this time over veteran Heat Harrison and Gage Linville.

Image: Felix Landaburu

As for the Women’s class, Dutchgirl Lotte Van Drunen made a successful debut in the U.S with NSA Yamaha. Van Drunen was P1 in each session, and of course, in the Main Event too.

Image: Felix Landaburu

Top 5 – 250 A:

  1. Krystian Janik / Kawasaki
  2. Avery Long / Yamaha
  3. Noah Smerden / KTM
  4. Reven Gordon / Kawasaki
  5. Collin Allen / Yamaha

Top 5 – 250 Pro Sport:

  1. Avery Long / Yamaha
  2. Drew Adams / Kawasaki
  3. Krystian Janik / Kawasaki
  4. Jaxon Pascal / Honda
  5. Ricci Randanella / Kawasaki

Top 5 – 450 Pro Sport

  1. Avery Long / Yamaha
  2. Heath Harrison / Honda
  3. Gage Linville / GasGas
  4. Reven Gordon / Kawasaki
  5. Cory Carsen / Suzuki

Top 5 – Women

  1. Lotte Van Drunen / Yamaha
  2. Hannah Hodges / Husqvarna
  3. Jordan Jarvis / Yamaha
  4. Mala Herrick / GasGas
  5. Danielle McDonald / Yamaha

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