Krystian Janik to race Canadian Triple Crown Series


Another top US amateur prospect will be heading to Canada to challenge the best riders of the Triple Crown Series. Illinois Krystian Janik has panned to head north after racing the Moto Combine at Red Bud on July 6th and then join the Canadian Triple Crown series on Round 4th in Gopher Dunes on July 7th. Yes, the very next day.

Originally, there was talk of Krystian coming up to race the final round, but now he will come to Canada to race a few rounds. Janik, the 250B champ of last year´s Loretta Lynn´s, will be under the WLTN Kawasaki team with the support of Kawasaki USA. A similar program of his fellow Team Green Kawasaki Drew Adams who has been racing in Canada since round 1 and last weekend in Prairie took both motos.

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