Jett Lawrence given Written Warning for manipulate SuperMotocross Playoff 2

jett lawrence playoff2

Jett Lawrence has received a written warning from the Chicagoland after waving Ken Roczen past him in the second moto. The warning cites the following rules from AMA Pro Racing (AMAP) inside the SuperMotocross rulebook 

Lawrence waves Roczen to let him by. The reason for doing that was to push Sexton back to third overall in order to make more points over his teammate. But Roczen and Sexton would end 2-3 anyway due to the Olympics Points Format. Instead, Lawrence received a warning from the AMAP.

“I think it was the two laps when I think Kenny was really on me, when he kind of closed the gap,” explained Lawrence in the post-race press conference. “I was riding, but my mind was somewhere else thinking, trying to do math. But, I kind of took two laps and was just thinking and making sure if I did let him pass, it wouldn’t affect my overall. But it turns out my great math wouldn’t have meant anything if I would have let him pass or not. [Laughs] So that’s my good math. But it was two laps I was thinking of it. Then I was like, I’m pretty sure I’m good. So at that back section I just let him pass. Then just kind of ran behind. I got to see how he races, so it was a good thing for me because obviously I can only learn so much if I’m in front of the guy. So it was nice to kind of see how Kenny’s lines were and see how he kind of races on a bit of a tighter track. I got to see in outdoors, but I haven’t quite seen in more of a kind of supercrossy layout.”

Check the Rulebook – Section 1.5.9 PERFORMANCE OBLIGATION:

a. AMAP requires that all Competitors give their utmost effort and compete to the best of their capability, striving to secure the highest achievable finishing position in the Event.

b. Should any Credentialed Participant deliberately manipulate, or attempt to influence, the final outcomes of the Competition, or incite, convince, or motivate others to do so, they will be subject to disciplinary measures as outlined in Section

3.1: Violations and Disciplinary Action.

C. The term “deliberately manipulate” pertains to any demonstrable behavior or strategy from a Participant which indicates they did not compete with full effort or intent, with the objective of altering the end results of the Competition, as determined exclusively by AMAP. 

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