Jeffrey Herlings: “I had an issue with my ribs all weekend ” – MXGP of Riola Sardo

MXPG Serdegna 2024, Riola Sardo Rider: Herlings

Two-time MXGP World Champion Jeffrey Herlings makes his first rostrum appearance since the Grand Prix of Latvia in early June 2023. 3rd place means the Dutchman is currently 3rd in the standings, 49 points from the red plate

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Herlings was the main focus for the MXGP motos and as the most prolific racer in the history of the sport continues his path back to full speed, confidence and potential. Although he needed some painkillers, Jeffrey attacked the sand to confirm 3rd place in the first race and his second top-three classification of the season so far. In the second outing he started better and was stalking the rear wheel of leader Jorge Prado when a small slip dropped him to 3rd. He confirmed 3-3 for the day: his first silverware of 2024 MXGP after marking 8th and 4th in the previous rounds.

Jeffrey Herlings: “I had a massive one on Saturday morning and had the wind knocked out of me, which didn’t help. I had an issue with my ribs all weekend then and the track was so bumpy. No excuses…but it meant the GP was a struggle. The second moto was the first time this season I had the pace to go with Jorge…until the crash! Overall, this was a step forward. I’m not as fast as the other guys yet but I’m much closer than I was in Argentina and closer again than I was in Spain. I’ll keep growing. It’s a long season and a lot more motos to go. I’m happy to be back on the podium for now.”

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