Jeffrey Herlings and Marc-Antoine Rossi won in Romagna – Round 3 of Elite French Championship

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IMPORTANT: Down below you will find the Highlights and the full results.

On his second visit to the 24MX Elite French Championship, round three of the series, Red Bull KTM`s Jeffrey Herlings dominated de MX1 class once again, this time over Mathys Boisrame (5-2) and Valentin Guillod (2-5). Meanwhile, French young talent Marc-Antoine Rossi won his first-ever MX2 overall of his career. But Greg Aranda and Pierre Goupillon keep the red plate one more round as the series goes to Vesoul on April 22 & 23.

In the first MX1 race of the day, Herlings was untouchable. The dutchman ruled from the beginning to the checkered flag. Behind him arrived Valentin Guillod, Milko Potisek, and Gregory Aranda in a race without the battles that the crowd like to expect. However, the fifth place saw a nice duel between Mathys Boisrame and Xavier Boog. Both were back and forth, with Boisrame finally grabbing the fifth position.

The second race saw Jimmy Clochet take the holeshot. However, Herlings was leading at the end of lap 2, and just like he did in the first race, he start to open the gap en route to a perfect 1-1. Mathys Boisrame and Stephane Rubini (who ended ninth in the first moto) take advantage due to a better start and finished in second and third position respectively. Championship leader Greg Aranda came in fourth one more time. Meanwhile, Valentin Guillod finished fifth after a rough start outside the top 10.

As the championship stands, Greg Aranda will still own the red plate by six points over Valentin Guillod. Mathys Boisrame sits third by 8 points of advantage over Herlings, ten over Xavier Boog, and fourteen over Stephane Rubini.

Image: Elite Motocross

The MX2 class saw a confident Marc-Antoine Rossi topped the podium for the first time in the MX2 class. The KTM VRT rider built great confidence after setting the fastest lap in time qualifying. Then in the first race, he starts at the front, but it was holeshot winner Pierre Goupillon who took the lead and crossed the checkered flag in first position over Rossi, Charlier, Soulimani, and Imbert.

Image: Elite Motocross

In the second and final race, Goupillon once again starts at the front with another holeshot followed by Lucas Imbert. Behind them, Rossi starts in third position and this time didn´t let Goupillon escape, passing him to win by a gap of 20 seconds. It was the first race win by Rossi and the first overall as well. Pierre Goupillon ended second overall (1-2) and the podium was filled by Lucas Imbert via 5-3. Now Goupillon, with a win and two podiums, enjoys a nice advantage of 48 points over Saad Soulimani.





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