James Stewart on Smith vs Deegan situation at Detroit

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This past weekend’s Supercross started off spicy in the first 250 Heat with things getting heated between teammates Jordan Smith and Haiden Deegan, but what happened? James weighs in with his thoughts from his experiences.

Teammates Jordon Smith and Haiden Deegan were battling for the race win in the first heat race of the night in Detroit. A few bumps and block passes later, Smith ends up on the ground. It is tough to say who is at fault, but Smith went to the outside three times and was blocked by Deegan all three times. Then once Smith had the inside line, Deegan cut across and took away his line–and his front wheel. Smith had two more crashes and was forced to the LCQ. While in the LCQ, he ran into more trouble, but still somehow almost pulled off transferring to the main despite being dead last. But then finishes seventh in a last-turn pass attempt for the final transfer spot. Entering the night, Smith was fourth in points, 33 points down from Lawrence. Smith left the night 59 points down in sixth place.

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