Italian Prestige – Round 1 Mantova: Isak Gifting with the win & Podium for Lupino and Ducati

lupino ducati ps

The Italian Prestige Motocross Championship kicks off this weekend at the MXGP track of Mantova. All eyes were on the historic debut of Ducati with Alessandro Lupino. However, the high step of the podium went to Isak Gifting. In the MX2 class, the reigning champ Valerio Lata swept both motos.

After setting the fastest lap on Saturday, Alessandro Lupino and Ducati kept the momentum as they won the first moto with a wire-to-wire performance over Guiseppe Tropepe. Sweden’s Alvin Otslund rounded the Top 3 despite some pressure from Ivo Monicelli and Cedric Soubeyras. Not the best start to Isak Gifting and Jan Pancar, 6th and 8th respectively.

A regular start in the second race saw Lupino way back. He made the charge to 7th, which wasn´t enough to get the overall as Isak Gifting emerged with the win. Guiseppe Tropepe rounded the podium via 2-5.

Valerio Lata dominated both motos while Spaniard Yago Martínez put his TM in 2nd place with a great 2-4. Third was Alessandro Manucci with a 5-2.



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