Interview: Henry Jacobi on his return to the ADAC MX Masters series


ADAC MX Masters series will start this weekend at Drehna. This time, the championship will have Henry Jacobi, a former championship winner back in 2018, making his comeback to the series with KTM Sarholz. The website of ADAC Motorsport shared with us this great interview with Jacobi, who spoke about his return, title rivals, and more…

Henry Jacobi’s career began at an early age. Having already enjoyed success, the Thuringian burst onto the international MX scene with victory in the 85cc Junior World Championship. However, his rise in the sport was curtailed by injuries and team issues, although he continued to achieve good results in the European and World Championships. In 2018, Henry was able to right the ship and showed his class with a victory in the ADAC MX Masters. Since winning the title, he has been riding full-time in the MX2 and MXGP classes in the Motocross World Championship. In 2023, his path led him to the KTM Sarholz Racing Team and back to the ADAC MX Masters.

Welcome back. What are your hopes for the season?

I want to remain free from injury, compete at every event, and regularly make it onto the podium.

You were crowned champion in 2018 and then switched to the World Championship. How did your return to the ADAC MX Masters come about?

The return to the ADAC MX Masters came about through an offer from the KTM Sarholz Racing Team, which was too good to reject. At 26, I must ensure that my career is still lucrative. As there is still no money for points or anything else in the MXGP, it remains difficult there.

You can surely only have one goal: the title! Or do you see it differently?

Many people in the past have thought that they would easily win the ADAC MX Masters title, coming from the World Championship. I am not going to make that mistake. I know that the opposition is very strong this year, if not as strong as it has ever been. My goal remains to line up at all eight events without any injuries. If I can make it onto the podium every time, that may be good enough for the title. It may not be too. My goal is not to return and assume that I will immediately be the champion.

Nagl, Tixier and you have won four of the last five titles. Do you see any other riders challenging for the title in 2023?

I think we are the three main protagonists in the title race. However, there will obviously be some other riders who challenge for the podium. On his day, my best mate Tom Koch will be sure to have a big say in proceedings. We’ll see.

What do you feel are your biggest weapons in the battle against such strong opposition?

My biggest weapon is also my biggest weakness – namely that I am an incredibly bad loser. If I am determined to win, I will do everything in my power to do so. That can be good, but it can also cause me to push the limit too far. My strength is that I love winning and want to show everyone. However, that can also backfire, so I have decided to take a slightly calmer approach this year.

Have you changed your training, preparation, where you live, etc. since you stopped riding full-time in the World Championship?

Quite a lot has changed. I obviously no longer live in Jacky Martens’ workshop in Lommel, Belgium. I have got myself a flat near Oberhausen. From there it is not too far to the tracks, my girlfriend, my workshop – that is to say my mechanic, who lives here – and my trainer Christoph Selent. Everything is relatively nearby, which is great.

Jacobi in 2021 MXGP World Championship – Image: JP Acevedo

You and Tom Koch record the Motoflakes Podcast together. How did that come about, and what do you enjoy about it?

Motoflakes is a bit like our baby. In my opinion, podcasts have greater added value than any Instagram posts. I think people are interested in what we offer. It was kind of my idea, and I asked Tom if he was interested. I am happy to sit down with him roughly once a month and record a podcast. It is just fun to have a chat with a mate. Particularly in the winter, you really don’t see each other, so it also helps our friendship. Hopefully, we are giving Motocross fans in Germany some pleasure and not just getting on their nerves.

That is giving you plenty of experience with a microphone. Could you have a future career as a track announcer, á la Tommy Deitenbach?

Yes, I am gaining experience behind the microphone, but I do not really see myself as a track announcer. I would rather leave that to Tommy, as he does an incredible job and really captivates people. He should continue, he does it better than anyone else in Germany, including me.

Which is your favourite track on the calendar, and why?

I am looking forward to all the ADAC MX Masters events, because I have not been there for a long time. Gaildorf will be super. Holzgerlingen could be awesome if they cultivate it nicely and it is not too dry. However, I am looking forward to all the tracks.

What are you expecting from the race in Randers, Denmark, which is new territory for everyone?

I cannot tell you much in that regard. It is a long way away, so you could ask whether it is absolutely necessary. However, a lot of Danes regularly travel to us to watch the races. I hope it is a cool track, but in the end it will be the same for everyone. I am looking forward to the races.

Five of the eight races will be held on sand or sandy ground: is that an advantage or a disadvantage for you?

I have been living in sand for about five years now, although I originally come from a background of hard ground. Here too, however, it is the same for everyone and should not be a disadvantage for me.

What will be key if you are to become ADAC MX Masters champion in 2023, what are the most important ingredients to winning the title?

Consistency and ultimately pure speed. Whoever is the fastest over the eight events should be champion, regardless of whether that is me or anyone else. I hope the best rider wins in the end.

Do you have any final words for the 2023 season, before it gets underway?

My final words are always for my sponsors, to whom I am incredibly grateful. KTM Sarholz Racing Team, FXR, LS2, benzim, Gaerne, ORTEMA, and very importantly ADAC Hessen Thüringen, ORS Suspension, Oakley, Rynopower, my handle sponsor 5xcinque from Italien, and Garage Seven Elevenwho who are all important sponsors, without whom I would not be able to do this great sport: thank you!

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