International of Lierop 2024: Time qualifying results

MXPG Netherland 2023, Arnhem Rider: Herlings

Today, Sunday, February 3, the International of Lierop (Netherlands) marks the last preseason race before the MXGP of Argentina in one week. The qualifying sessions have concluded with both KTM Red Bull riders on top as Jeffrey Herlings set the fastest time in the 500cc class and Sacha Coenen topped the 250cc combined times. More updates coming soon!

500cc class qualifying results:

250cc Group 1:

250cc Group 2:

Top 5 combined times 250cc:

  1. Sacha Coenen 1:34.318
  2. Kay de Wolf 1:35.134
  3. Lucas Coenen 1:36.036
  4. Cas Valk 1:36.932
  5. Max Werner 1:37.116

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