International Mantova: Tim Gajser and Simon Langenfelder sail the titles

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The final round of the preseason series Internazionali D`Itali concluded this afternoon at Mantova with Honda HRC´s Tim Gajser and Red Bull GasGas Simon Langenfelder on top of the standings after two rounds. Gajser also won the MX1 class overall, while in the MX2 class, the honors went to Liam Everts on his first preseason appearance.

In the first MX1 race, HRC duo Tim Gajser and Ruben Fernandez started at the front of the pack with Gajser taking the holeshot. Gajser quickly made ground while his teammate, Fernandez, kept at bay Kawasaki´s duo Romain Febvre and Jeremy Seewer who finished 4th on his first-ever Kawasaki race.

Gajser and Fernandez touched each other at the start of the second moto which resulted in a crash for Gajser. At the front, Romain Febvre grabbed the holeshot and never looked back en route to the win. Meanwhile, Gajser put a big effort into making all his way to second as he passed Seewer and Fernandez in the final stages.

The final podium saw Gajser on top via 1-2 over Febvre (3-1) and Fernandez (2-4). As for the standings, Gajser claimed the MX1 title by 12 points over Febvre after winning both overalls and three out of four motos.

In the MX2 class, Liam Everts showed up for the first time this year and claimed the overall via 1-2 over his teammate Andrea Adamo (4-1) The Young Valerio Lata rounded the podium after a solid first moto in 5th, he then led some laps in the second Moto and finishing 3rd.

However, the title went to Simon Langenfeler. The GasGas rider went 6-4 as he struggled with the starts, but a DNF in the second moto of championship leader Ferruccio Zanchi allowed the German rider to claim the Number 1 plate at the end of the day, just 3 points over Spaniard Oriol Oliver.


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