Insight into Roczen & Chisholm’s bikes


Twisted Tea Suzuki Progressive Insurance rider Kyle Chisholm gave some more details on the differences between his bike and Ken Roczen’s Progressive Insurance Ecstar Suzuki. Which definitely aren’t as much as you might think…

“All of our bikes are basically the same besides a few things that are just preference to each rider. We all have access to the same things. Mine and Kenny’s bikes are basically the same besides handlebars (different sponsor for progressive side), gearing, graphics, and now suspension with him solely working with FC. So yes basically the exact same bikes. The whole basic package is what the team and I developed before Kenny started and what we have worked on since then. So yes to summarize his FC suspension is the only thing different for him. The team has been great to give us the best and keep working to make it better as we go. Flying back from California right now from doing a couple days of testing again.”

Kyle Chisholm – via

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