French SX Tour 2023: Greg Aranda and Maxime Desprey storms round 4 in Brienon

sxtour round4 2023_edited

The Yonne Supercross contested on the Brienon-sur-Armançon circuit hosted the fourth stage of the 2023 SX Tour French Championship. The crowds during this beautiful summer evening were maximum to witness an unchallenged domination of Maxime Desprey in SX2 and Greg Aranda in SX1, both in Yamaha GSM Dafy colours. Jules Piètre – Yamaha TMX, wins his first title of Champion of France among the Juniors.

The SX1 class main event quickly saw the favorites take the lead with Thomas Ramette – Yamaha GSM Dafy in command followed by Anthony Bourdon – Kawasaki Bud Racing and Greg Aranda . Locked in at the start, Cédric Soubeyras – MM85 CBO Honda , struggled to extricate himself from the pack. Quickly Greg Aranda put the pressure on and in one fell swoop in the third lap, he overtook Anthony Bourdon then Thomas Ramette on the same action. Two laps later Cédric Soubeyras finally passed Lucas Imbert – Yamaha New Bikeand then occupied the fourth position. The top three had become out of reach for the six-time SX Tour champion . In front, Greg Aranda pranced while his two pursuers Thomas Ramette and Anthony Bourdon stabilized their positions.

Greg Aranda consolidates in the SX1 standings by 11 points over Anthony Bourdon

The race order did not change until the finish, apart from Adrien Escoffier – Husqvarna Motostyl overtaking Lucas Imbert to join the Top5 of this Final won once again by Aranda , ahead of Ramette and Bourdon.


Four races and four wins. Such dominance and mastery have rarely been experienced. Quickly installed in the lead, his precision, his speed and his application killed all suspense for the one who was almost playing on his land in Brienon . None of its competitors will have been able to challenge its supremacy.

Yannis Irsuti – Kawasaki Reptil and Charles Lefrançois – Honda SR were expected to hinder Desprey ‘s lone rider and it was finally Calvin Fonvieille – KTM TMX, back from fifth place who in turn overtook Irsuti and Lefrançois . These three drivers put on a high-flying spectacle in a race where positions constantly changed between them and kept the public spellbound until the checkered flag. The extremely tight level between these protagonists did not forgive Irsuti ‘s only small error in the whoops section, relegated to fourth in favor of a second Fonvielle with a little more ease and Lefrançois brilliant 3rd. The top five of this final is completed by Thomas Do on the electric Stark after a start in the lead but outside the classification (participation on an experimental basis).


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