French Supercross 2024: Results Lyon (Friday) – Desprey SX2 champ

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Lyon is the home of the last two rounds of the SX Tour series, with the penultimate round taking place on Friday night with GSM Yamaha´s duo Greg Aranda (SX1) and Maxime Desprey (SX2) finishing at the top of the podium.

Aranda collects his fourth win of the season and extends the points lead to 19 points over BUD Racing Kawasaki´s Anthony Bourdon who came in second place. The podium was filled by Cedric Soubeyras.

Meanwhile, in the SX2 class, Maxime Desprey sailed the title after winning his eighth Main Event in the last seven rounds. Only Brian Hsu could beat Desprey on the first day of racing in Paris. Calvin Fonvieille and Pierre Lozzi went second and third respectively.

Tomorrow will take place the final round which will decide the SX1 champ. Here are the results from night 1.


Top 10 – SX1:

  1. Greg Aranda
  2. Anthony Bourdon
  3. Cedric Soubeyras
  4. Thomas Ramette
  5. Jordi Tixier
  6. Adrien Escoffier
  7. Jason Clermont
  8. Lucas Imbert
  9. Nil Bussot
  10. Mathias Tag Christien

Top 10 – SX2:

  1. Maxime Desprey
  2. Calvin Fonvieille
  3. Pierre Lozzi
  4. Charles LeFrançois
  5. Thomas Do
  6. Jules Pietre
  7. Mickael Lamarque
  8. Hugo Manzato
  9. Germain Jamet
  10. Alex Poulain

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