Five-consecutive AMA Arenacross title for Kyle Peters in Las Vegas

peters ax champ

Phoenix Racing Honda rider Kyle Peters has earned the AMA Arenacross Championship for the fifth time in his career, clinching the crown with a 2-3 tally behind his main contender Ryan Breece, who gave everything he had to try to stop him by winning both motos but wasn´t enough to snatch the crown at the final round at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Colorado.

Peters  became just the third rider in AMA Arenacross history to claim five consecutive championships, joining Dennis Hawthorne and Buddy Antunez.

  • Dennis Hawthorne 1986 – 1990 (Kawasaki)
  • Buddy Antunez 1998 – 2001 (Suzuki)
  • Kyle Peters 2020 – 2024 (Honda)

Compared to other seasons, this one was a long way to the top for Peters as he was dealing with a wrist injury throughout the series while Ryan Breece was in his best form. However, both riders had their highs and lows from the beginning, which allowed the title to be decided under the lights of the final round in Las Vegas. Peters arrived with a slim 8 points of advantage over Breece, but a solid 2-3 in motos was good enough to win the title once again.

Ryan Breece finishes 5 points shy of what could have been his first title. He ended the season as the winningest rider with 14 Main Events wins over 9 of Peters. However, a DNF in the second round and some mistakes late in the season private him to take the points lead.

Ryan Breece – Image: Matt Henson

Yamaha mounted Marshal Weltin rounded the podium via 3-4, but the bronze medal went to Izaih Clark by 6 points over his teammate of Last Impression Honda´s Kyle Bitterman.


AX Pro Overall Results

  1. #200 Ryan Breece (Yamaha) 1-1
  2. #1 Kyle Peters (Honda) 2-3
  3. #75 Marshall Weltin (Yamaha) 3-4
  4. #981 Austin Politelli (GasGas) 7-2
  5. #4 Izaih Clark (Honda) 4-5
  6. #412 Jared Lesher (Yamaha) 8-6
  7. #597 Mason Kerr (Honda) 6-8
  8. #2 Kyle Bitterman (Honda) 5-9
  9. #636 Luke Kalaitzian (Honda) 9-7
  10. #411 Crockett Myers (Husqvarna) 10-10
  11. #9 Chase Marquier (KTM) 11-11
  12. #80 Michael Hicks (Yamaha) 12-12

Top 10 AX Pro Standings post Round 14 (of 14)

  1. Kyle Peters 405
  2. Ryan Breece 400
  3. Izaih Clark 308
  4. Kyle Bitterman 302
  5. Mason Kerr 235
  6. Crockett Myers 215
  7. Austin Politelli 172
  8. Jared Lesher 158
  9. Devin Harriman 143
  10. Cody Groves 132

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