Dylan Ferrandis joins Supercross de Paris 2024 lineup

Ferrandis san diego 24

If there is one Frenchie who has given the Americans a hard time in recent years, it is Dylan Ferrandis. Between 2019 and the end of 2021, the “kid from Bédarrides” showed them in all colors, accumulating two US titles in SX 250 and two in MX outdoor, including one in the premier 450 category! But since 2019 and the Paris SX precisely between covid and various injuries, Dylan has never returned to perform in front of his legions of French fans. On November 16 and 17 at the Paris La Défense Arena, this major anomaly will be repaired and just like Tom Vialle in the SX2 category, Dylan Ferrandis will carry the French flag in SX1!

No “Frenchie” (not even JMB) has won as many titles on American soil as “DF14”, which is enough to put the southerner on a very high pedestal in the history of French cross country. But what forged his legend was the style with which he conquered these titles, facing the greatest riders of his era (including the legendary Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb and Chase Sexton for the 2021 MX title) . A style that can be summed up in one word: “GRINTA”! Behind a handlebar, Ferrandis is a snarler. A fierce one. One of those “who never give up”! That’s how we recognize him and that’s why we love him, Dylan. And we can’t wait to see him “come home”, he who has never been ashamed to display his tricolor fiber!

In 2024, riding for a new team – the Honda Phoenix – Dylan showed very good results (top 6 and by far best “private” in the first three events) before injury and lung infection derailed his season Supercross. Returning in good health over the last two SX of the season, the Frenchman is aiming for a summer at the forefront in the MX championship and we should soon see him back on the podiums! Jett & Hunter Lawrence, Cooper Webb, Dylan Ferrandis (not forgetting the Vialle Shimoda match, Prince of Paris vs East Coast Champion in SX2), the Paris Supercross, born in March 1984 in Bercy, is preparing to celebrate its 40th  anniversary thunderous! And would you like to miss that?

Top riders confirmed:

  1. #18 Jett Lawrence (King)
  2. #96 Hunter Lawrence
  3. #2 Cooper Webb
  4. #16 Tom Vialle (Prince)
  5. #30 Jo Shimoda

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