Cullin Park Injury Update for Detroit


Phoenix Honda´s Cullin Park had a rough day in Detroit, first round of the 250SX East Coast. Unfortunately, he dislocated his wrist in the Main Event. Park underwent surgery yesterday and is ready to start recovering. He will miss the remaining rounds.

“Not the way we wanted to start the season. Felt solid all day, then had a massive crash in the heat. Hit a kicker and it was game over for me. Got checked out and was all good for the most part so I lined up for the LCQ. Crashed in the first turn and was able to make it in for the last transfer in the last corner. Thought we had the night turned around but the troubles continued. Got caught up in the first turn pile-up, again, then was trying to come through the pack and unfortunately cased the rhythm section and dislocated my wrist. The second I landed I felt my wrist let go, so had to ghost-ride my whip!
From the outside looking in, it looks like I just walked off during the main but unfortunately wasn’t the case and I had a bent-up wrist.”

With Park injured, Phoenix Honda Racing Team will focus on Dylan Ferrandis, currently 8th in the 450SX standings.

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