Austin Forkner Injury Update post Arlington

forkner arlington crash

Forkner suffered a scary crash while during the Main Event at Arlington, which meant another blow up on his career…Hours later, Austin Forkner´s dad, Mike, posted an update on Austin’s condition explaining that he sustained fractures in his back and scapula.

“Man oh man, what a sport! The highs are high and the lows are pretty low. So proud of Austin for overcoming the adversity and setbacks that he has dealt with the last few years. I’m confident this is just a bump in the road and Austin will be back on top again.

“Austin’s CT Scan on his head came back good. Fractured L3 & L4 in back but no surgery has to heal on its own. He has a broken scapula. Which will heal on its own. So no surgery. They have been discharged from hospital and heading back to California. Thank you for checking on Austin.”

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