AMA Arenacross 2024 set to resume this Friday in Loveland – Round 4

peters and breece arenacross

After 3 rounds at the end of 2023, the Kicker AMA Arenacross series is set to resume the 2023-24 campaign this Friday, January 5, in Loveland, Colorado, for round 4 of 14 and the first in 2024.

The Championship kicked off with a doubleheader between Friday and Saturday night in Boise, served as the first two rounds of the calendar. Reigning champ Kyle Peters and current runner-up Ryan Breece trade wins with Peters winning the opening round and Breece taking redemption on Saturday night. But it was Peters who claimed the red plate with 1 point of advantage.

At Madison, Peters bounced back with a perfect 1-1 score, while Breece had some struggles finishing out of the podium with a 12-2. This allowed Peters to extend the points lead to 13 points over Breece.

Meanwhile, Kyle Bitterman, Chandler Baker, Izahi Clark, and rookie Crocket Myers showed some good glimpses of speed.

TOP 10 – AX Pro Standings After Round 3 (Out of 14)

  1. Kyle Peters 93
  2. Ryan Breece 80
  3. Kyle Bitterman 71
  4. Chandler Baker 55
  5. Robbie Wageman 54
  6. Crocket Myers 46
  7. Izahi Clark 41
  8. Austin Politelli 34
  9. Anthony Rodríguez 34
  10. Blake Gardner 30

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