AMA Arenacross 2023-24: Ryan Breece sweeps Guthrie 2 – Round 7

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The AMA Arenacross Series took to Guthrie, Oklahoma, for the second week in a row, this time for round seven of the championship and the final tour´s stop in Guthrie. The Oklahoma course is one of the biggest circuits of the year, and lap times in the 50-second range rivaled a regular supercross layout. This time, title contender from Rock River Yamaha Ryan Breece stops the Kyle Peters streak by winning both Main Events and the overall as well. However, the reigning champ, Peters, will continue with the red plate after being 2-2. Jared Lesher take back-to-back podiums after finished third once again via 5-3 aboard his 250cc two-stroke.

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Breece won round 2 back in Boise but from there on he traded wins with Kyle Peters who somehow managed to take the overall. That finally changed for the Yamaha rider at the second stop of Guthrie. In the first Main Event, Breece grabbed the holeshot over Peters and kept at bay the Honda rider until the checkered flag with Izaih Clark finished in third.

All three of the first-race podium finishers started in the back row in the second main event. So far, Peters was faster than Breece in climbing positions, but this time Breece made quick moves from 4th to 1st in the opening lap and then put a wire-to-wire performance until the checkered flag, winning with a margin of 10 seconds over Peters who came in second. Jared Lehser charged from fifth to third. Izaih Clark crashed in the opening lap.

Peter leads the series by 10 points over Breece. Next round will take place in Prescott Valley, Arizona, on Friday, February 2.

AX Pro Overall – Round 7 (of 14)

  1. #200 Ryan Breece (Yamaha) 1-1
  2. #1 Kyle Peters (Honda) 2-2
  3. #412 Jared Lesher (Yamaha) 5-3
  4. #2 Kyle Bitterman (Honda) 4-5
  5. #597 Mason Kerr (Honda) 6-6
  6. #4 Izaih Clark (Honda) 3-12
  7. #296 Ryder Floyd (Honda) 12-4
  8. #16 Devin Harriman (KTM) 9-7
  9. #5 Preston Taylor (Kawasaki) 8-8
  10. #315 Cody Groves (Suzuki) 7-10
  11. #103 Nate Mason (Yamaha) 11-9
  12. #483 Bryton Carroll (Yamaha) 10-11

Top 10 AX Pro Standings After Round 7 (of 14)

  1. Kyle Peters 214
  2. Ryan Breece 195
  3. Kyle Bitterman 165
  4. Izaih Clark 141
  5. Crockett Myers 105
  6. Mason Kerr 100
  7. Cody Groves 99
  8. Bryton Carroll 91
  9. Blake Gardner 85
  10. Devin Harriman 81

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