AMA Arenacross 2023-24: Kyle Peters wins Guthrie 1 – Round 6

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Guthrie, Oklahoma, hosted round six of the AMA Arenacross Series, presented by Kicker. This time the track was longer than usual but the narrative between the championship favorites was similar to previous rounds. Once again, Peters and Breece traded wins during the night, and once again, points leader Phoenix Honda´s Kyle Peters came away with the overall victory.

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Peters’ main rival, Ryan Breece on the Tucker Freight Lines/Rock River Racing Yamaha, kicked things off with a win in the first Main Event over Peters. Breece used his greats starts to keep Peters at bay the entire race. Meanwhile, Jared Lesher on his powerful Yamaha YZ250 2 strokes took 3rd as Honda´s teammates Izaih Clark and Kyle Bitterman rounded the top 5.

Main Event two saw the gates flipped. However, Peters was on fire as he climbed to the middle pack to first in a matter of a couple of laps. Breece was also charging from behind but an incident with Bitterman in the whoops allowed Peters to take advantage en route to his fourth win this season. Breece regroups but it was too late to catch Peters. Izaihi Clark came in 3rd in order to take the final podium spot.

Peters continues to lead the series by 21 over Breece, while Bitterman is holding third spot.

Guthrie is a double header round as next Friday 26th will host round seven as well.

AX Pro Overall – Round 6 (Out of 14)

  1. #1 Kyle Peters (Honda) 2-1
  2. #200 Ryan Breece (Yamaha) 1-2
  3. #4 Izaih Clark (Honda) 4-3
  4. #412 Jared Lesher (Yamaha) 3-4
  5. #597 Mason Kerr (Honda) 7-6
  6. #5 Preston Taylor (Kawasaki) 6-7
  7. #2 Kyle Bitterman (Honda) 5-9
  8. #315 Cody Groves (Suzuki) 11-5
  9. #411 Crocket Myers (Kawasaki) 9-8
  10. #16 Devin Harriman (KTM) 8-10
  11. #8 Blake Gardner (Kawasaki) 10-12
  12. #447 Deven Raper (Kawasaki) 12-11

Top 10 AX Pro Standings After Round 6 (Out of 14)

  1. Kyle Peters 184
  2. Ryan Breece 163
  3. Kyle Bitterman 134
  4. Izaih Clark 122
  5. Crocket Myers 97
  6. Blake Garnder 85
  7. Cody Groves 82
  8. Mason Kerr 78
  9. Chandler Baker 77
  10. Bryton Carroll 73

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