AMA Arenacross 2023-24: Izaih Clark wins a chaotic night in Daytona – Round 11

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The Last Impression Honda rider emerged with the overall win at the Ocean Center in Daytona for Round 11. His second win this season. Meanwhile, title contenders Kyle Peters and Ryan Breece both had a rough night but managed to save some valuable points, especially Peters who keeps the Red Plate despite not being on the podium.

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With the ninth round of the AMA Supercross today at Daytona, some regular riders of the series were challenged by new visitors. However, it was Izaih Clark who emerged with the win on the sandy track. The Last Impression Honda rider won the first Main Event with a last-lap pass over five-time GT Arenacross champ Michael Hicks, who dropped to 4th behind Marshall Weltin and Ryan Breece. Meanwhile, Kyle Peters filled the Top 5.

Gates flipped for Main 2, and Crockett Myers (10th in Main 1) got the holeshot and never looked back en route to his first Main Event win over Chase Marquier and Justin Rodbell. Meanwhile, Izaih Clark went 4th to secure his second overall win this season. Ryan Breece (3-6) and Chase Marquier (8-2) landed on the podium.

Current points leader Kyle Peters had a rough night with some crashes and mechanical issues during the heats and semi-races and then went 5-10 in the Mains for 9th overall. But somehow he managed to keep the Red Plate by 3 points over Breece. Izaih Clark sits 4th just 1 point shy behind Bitterman.

The AMA Supercross series will stay in Daytona for the next week, with Rounds 12 and 13 taking place on March 8 and 9.

AX Pro Overall – Round 11 (of 14)

  1. #4 Izaih Clark (Honda) 1-4
  2. #200 Ryan Breece (Yamaha) 3-6
  3. #9 Chase Marquier (KTM) 8-2
  4. #75 Marshal Weltin (Yamaha) 2-8
  5. #411 Crockett Myers (Husqvarna) 10-1
  6. #981 Austin Politelli (GasGas) 6-7
  7. #69 Joshua Boaz (KTM) 9-5
  8. #148 Justin Rodbell (KTM) 12-3
  9. #1 Kyle Peters (Honda) 5-10
  10. #597 Mason Kerr (Honda) 7-9
  11. #80 Michael Hicks (Yamaha) 4-12
  12. #188 Ashton Arruda (GasGas) 11-11

Top 10 AX Pro Standings – Round 11 (of 14)

  1. Kyle Peters 319
  2. Ryan Breece 316
  3. Kyle Bitterman 235
  4. Izaih Clark 234
  5. Mason Kerr 177
  6. Crockett Myers 166
  7. Devin Harriman 143
  8. Jared Lesher 138
  9. Austin Politelli 135
  10. Cody Groves 132

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