Aaron Tanti Injury Update – WSX GP Abu Dhabi


CDR Yamaha´s Aaron Tanti stepped up to the WSX class for the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, round 2 of the World Supercross series. Unfortunately, things didn´t go as planned for the Australian as his night ended early after suffering a big crash at the beginning of the first Main Event. He tangled bars with Justin Brayton who landed over his back, resulting in a few broken ribs.

“Unfortunately last night I was involved in a start incident just tagging bars with a rider and then getting landed on, no body’s fault as such just a racing incident in a tight space. I’ve sustained a few rib fractures & just some nice abrasions down my back. I won’t be able to fly for few days but the health care over here is really great and I’m being looked after. Thankyou to my team owner Craig for making sure everything is sorted & my partner for jumping on a plane to come over here to help me out! Will post a better update throughout the week, Thanks to all my supporters”

As for Justin Brayton, there aren´t any official words about his situation but seems to be OK.

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